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Industries We Served


We have been helping our manufacturing clients from the production process to streamlining their finances. We had saved hundreds of man-hours through our time motion study and process improvements resulting overall improvement in the profitability of our clients.

Financial Sector

From traditional NBFCs to FINTECH, we have a proven records in strengthen the financial controls at each level. Our process re-engineering and automation helped our clients dealing with gigantic number of transactions with ease.

Information Technology

The Companies operating in IT industry needs much more a traditional business do in terms of automation in their financial transactions from initiation to recording. We has helped our clients in IT industry to automate their transactions at the same time ensuring best of the controls on such transactions.


Our clients are pioneer in their industry covering the movements from land to sea to air. GST has been a matter of challenge for them and we have been able to ease the challenge with our advises.


Retail industry has seen lots of changes in the recent past. It includes simpler form like having a retail showroom and also includes the complex one like shop-in-shops, sell or return, franchise, etc. We have been able to manage all the complexity of the business with our time proven mythology.


Our healthcare clients varies from chain of clinics to super specialty hospitals. Maintenance of stock in pharmacy is one of the key area which healthcare clients needs support on. Other than that, maintaining reasonable working capital and thus ensuring lowest cost of finances are key areas where we have helped our clients.

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